• Athok Debbarma

Is Ipad 6th gen good for playing pubg?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Well it has been more than a year i am playing pubg on my Ipad 6th gen . I know you might be thinking whether to buy 6th gen or not. Well you might be looking for someone experienced with this model like me who can suggest you on this.

First of all the system,the processor is all good you are not likely to find the processor lags, or frame drops if your internet connection is good and that's what you can expect from an ipad. I know you might have other models as well in your mind but you also know the other models are higher in price. Being the lowest price in the ipads is it worth for playing pubg?

The answer is yes, i know you might be in confusion whether to buy a smartphone or an ipad in this price range so here's my suggestion.

If you want to play or practice for competitive matches yes you should obviously buy a smartphone as most of the tournaments or other competitive matches are played in phones.

But if you are the kind of guy who just wants to improve your gameplay or buy for streaming on youtube you should probably get an ipad but why 6th gen?

here's why:

1. Its in the budget.

2. The other ipads are higher in cost and also likely to be heavier.

3.It has a medium sized screen for ipads not too big not too small.

4. Supports high end graphics and extreme frame rate with a minimal heating than phones.

As i am playing on the 6th gen presently I know that you are going to play in the ipad while lifting it and also like me you are likely to play for long hours so you would prefer a lighter ipad which 6th gen is.

I don't really see any problem with the 6th gen while playing pubg and i don't see the reason why you won't buy this ipad. So in case you would be buying you can check it on amazon on the amazon link below.

click on the amazon link or search to view this product on amazon.