Apple iPhone 6s:

Why you should buy iphone 6S?

When we come across buying smartphones we all want to have the best features in the smartphone as possible within our budget. As of today by 2019, the old days of buying smartphones based on cameras are gone. Today all of us need a better processor for gaming like pubg or for running several other apps without lag.

Talking about the processor and build quality what could be better than an apple product that too within the budget of buying a good android smartphone. For example a 4gb ram apple phone performs way better than an android phone having 8gb of ram. Take example of the infamous game pubg you might have seen that whenever you land on a hotdrop haviing like 10 players at once an android phone will show lags atleast a little bit, but in apple phones that's not the case. So you can always rely on apple products when it comes to better processor and gaming. With that said lets have a look in the features of iphone 6s.


The display is of 4.7 inch which can be a little bit a medium sized for mobile gamers out there but having all the apple features in hand medium sized display won't cause much trouble. But if you are not into gaming you won't be much concerned about the display and also 4.7 inch is not at all a small display it all depends upon your preference.

- Touch ID for secure authentication.

-ios 12 with group Facetime,Screen time and even faster performance

-colours available( rose gold,silver and space grey.

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